Problems making a call PC to PC

Discussion created by CDMAN on Jun 13, 2007
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Hi all,


I''ve been testing and using SPARK 2.5.3 and everything looks ok, but there was one thing I was hoping to be fixed in this new version about the communication''s feature.


In the version 2.5.1, I had a problem with this, because I needed to reset my computer if I wanted to call to another friend, I sent some mails to Derek but I wasn''t keeping track about this. Now with this new version (I''m talking about SPARK 2.5.3) something was fixed, but the problem still being there.


Now, I don''t need to reset my Laptop.....but, I need to reset just the SPARK (close it and open again), if I want to make a new call to any person from my contacts.


Could anyone of you help me with this? I will appreciate it so much


Thanks and regards,


*Richard Novillo E.


Oracle Consultant*