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Discussion created by deamonyx on May 22, 2007
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Hi everybody!

I found an article about this subject  :,

but I don''t know if there are news about it (I don"t think so)


I''m interested in a plugin that provides a calendar for every user of Spark. The goal of this calendar is to check the disponibility of every  participant, to find the best hour to plan a meeting for exemple. One other feature of this plugin can be to change the status of every user who has to be in a meeting (or other)

The calendar will provide other ''classic'' features (prevent 5 minutes before a planed action, ...)


My problems are :

- I think there are some new XEP to provide, because it will be nice to communicate with any jabber client, and for that, we need protocols

- Maybe some new status?

- I''m not so good in dev, so I need HELP...


Is it possible?

How to start? (dev, XEP, both)

Is anybody is interested in and want to help me?