Where to submit patches?

Discussion created by mrelation on May 17, 2007
Latest reply on May 17, 2007 by Stefan Reuter

I have two patches for the asterisk-IM project that I would like to submit, but I don''t know where to send them.

1.  The first patch adds a new configuration option to the management console called "Firstleg Timeout".  Currently when a user attempts to call another user using asterisk IM the call is placed by first connecting to the first user (the caller), this connection will time out after 5 seconds due to a hard coded value in the code.  This patch allows the openfire administrator to configure the time for that timeout.

2.  When right clicking on a user in the roster, you should only be given the option to call them if they are configured in your openfire server as a user in the Phone Mappings screen.  The check for that username is only performed using name, not jid, therefore if you have two different buddies using a jabber service, using a federated server, (ie you are running a server and your users can add buddies from someplace else like gtalk) than you could potentially call the wrong user.  For example, you are running domain so all of your users are, and you federate your server so that your users can talk to other xmpp users.  If you have and in your roster, right clicking on will try to call (assuming you set jane up in your Phone Mappings).  The patch I have uses the jid and domain to make sure that you only get the ''call'' option if the person you are trying to call is logged into the same service as you.  ie will have a call option, but will not.