Asterisk Server Status is Disconnected at Asterisk-IM General Settings

Discussion created by amie on May 16, 2007
Latest reply on May 24, 2007 by amie

Hi all,


I''m currently testing on Asterisk-IM plugin.

I''ve added one server and few phone mappings.

However when I mouse over on the server, the status

is disconnected. When I tried to dial from Spark i got,

''undefined-condition(500) Not connected to originate phone server''.


Asterisk server is up, and I''ve tried making call using

2 Idefisk soft phones, they work fine. Based on Asterisk-IM

plugin README, it stated that Asterisk must be installed

with Manager API enabled. I''ve set enabled=yes in the

manager.conf file. I think, the server status must be

connected to enable the calls to be made..


I even tried to make SIP-call using the enterprise edition plugin.

It didn''t run smoothly, but at least I could make 1 call then later

I failed to make any call and have to restart Spark.


I really hope that anyone can help me on this.  Thanks..