"Home"-Page slooooooow

Discussion created by ZyanKLee on May 8, 2007
Latest reply on May 13, 2007 by ZyanKLee

Every day at first contact your homepage is awfully slow for me. This is just since a few weeks or so.

But it aren''t just a few µseconds more than others ... I klick on my bookmark to IR.org and read Heise or get some coffee.


Oh, I think what you might say: maybe it''s my connection! No, as I said, I read Heise during IR.org loading. And my bandwidth isn''t too low, either (ADSL2+ 16.000).


So my guess is: you did something to this page. Perhaps some images are too large or the site system tries to download ALL images from ALL pages before showing them or there is a way to slow connection to the database or the site makes too many requests before accepting the connection or ... something else.


Has anyone else noticed this?