Incoming Call Managment

Discussion created by dthor on Apr 16, 2007
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I have the beta 3.3 server and Spark 2.5.1 running just fine.  The plugin appears and the management interface to astersik appears to by working.  I see the defined phones in the Asterisk-IM tab and can dial calls through SPARk.  What I can;t do is get a notification for incoming calls and the presence does not seem to work.  I see this note in the asterisk-im readme but i;m not sur ewhat to do with it:


To listen for events, register an event listener with PhoneClient.addEventListener(..) method:


PhoneClient client = new PhoneClient(conn);

client.addEventListener(new BasePhoneEventListener() {


   // Override the handleRing event to see when we are receiving a call

   public void handleRing(RingEvent event) {

      log.info("receiving a call from " + event.getCallerID());