Thread''s location link in thread, etc.

Discussion created by wroot Champion on Mar 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2007 by wroot

Another frustrating problem of this forum. There is no url link of thread in thread itself. So if i''m looking at a thread and want to put a link to this thread in some other topic or email or else what should i do? Copy reply buttons link and edit it to be just a thread''s link, or go to threads list and try to find that thread and then copy the link? In some other forums threads title in the top of the thread is working like a link to this thread. It''s convinient, one can even use it instead of the refresh button.


The same thing is about posts links. Every post has its title (Re:...), so this title could be the URL linking to the particular post. So i shouldnt be looking at Reply button url and trying to combine the anchor url i need. Some threads has 100 of posts, so it really could be helpful to has simple way to point users to the particular post of the thread.


This reminds me, that i was ones speaking with Matt i think. About watches email notifies. These notifies could be linking not just to a thread itself, but to a particular post they are notifying about.