Initializatoin of Plugins take time, Hourglass cursor missing at startup..

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We observe a weekness with Spark, which perhaps other also can see.  We are unsure if we should report this as a bug, but first we will describe it here in this forum.


During startup of the Spark client, it takes some time to initialize the plugins.  During this time, it is possible to interact with Spark (no Hourglass cursor - protection).  I have been able to open at ChatRoom before the ''Emoticons'' plugin is loaded, with result that the emoticons are not present in the editorToolBar...


I beleive other has seen this ?


We have 2 options:

- fix the problem in the soirce, and rebuild the jar files before installing the client at our PC''s. We hope not to do this, since it will make upgrading to later versions more troublesome.

- report this as a bug?  and hope it is fixed iin next version.


Any suggestions ?



Per Kåre Foss