IM Gateway Plugin 1.0 Released!

Discussion created by jadestorm Champion on Mar 15, 2007
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Hi folk!  I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 of the IM Gateway plugin a few minutes ago!  Unlike previous versions, it should show up in your actual Wildfire/Openfire install under available plugins.  (no need to manually download)  None-the-less, if you''d like to manually download, it can now be found on the standard Wildfire/Openfire plugins page.  =)


I would like to thank all of the folk who helped with debugging/testing/patches/etc so far and hope that you all, and all of the probable new folk coming along, will continue to report bugs and help me track down what''s going on!  =)


A couple of notes about this release for those who have been testing previous versions:

- ICQ support has been buggy and I decided not to let it hold up 1.0.  As a result it''s been moved to "experimental".  joscar doesn''t have ideal support for ICQ yet, but we''re working on it.

- Most of you know that Yahoo was labeled experimental a while ago.  I won''t say specifics right now (unless said folk want to speak up ;D up to you), but there is some great stuff being done on that front!

- SIP/SIMPLE support was, much to my dismay, removed entirely...  This was due to the contributors being unable to sign the contributor agreement with Jive.  Unfortunately I have to abide by those rules to help protect Jive.  (note that I totally understand both sides point of view, I just am saddened that it had to come down to this)  Hopefully in the future we will have functional SIP/SIMPLE support again.  (I am reopening the original issue regarding it)


From now on the IM Gateway plugin will be updatable from within Wildfire/Openfire''s own interface, so until I start thinking through 2.0 beta turf, there won''t be any need for the beta plugins page on our front.  =)


Anyway, hope you all enjoy it and as always, please leave feedback/bug reports/etc in this forum!