Can I stop the ChatTranscript....

Discussion created by on Mar 12, 2007
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I''m struggling with the ChatTranscript.  I do not want them..... nor do I need them. But even if I select from preferences (Disable Chat History), I still get these HistoryMessages'' en LIGHT_GRAY when I open a ChatRoom.


What is worse, is that I need to format the messages according to some rules here (requirements).  I have added a TranscriptWindowInterceptor, but the handle... methods ARE NOT called for those HistoryMessage of the ChatTranscript.  So I don''t get the possibility to format the messages. Perhaps this is a design-bug ??


So I do hope I can get some feedback on how to stop this ChatTranscript....


(We do want some history added when opening the ChatRoom, but the length of the history is NOT a given number ovmessages (as I can set in the Server ???), rather all messages the latest N days.  Therefore we plan to add these history messages ourselves.


CAN I stop the ChatTranscript (is it a plugin which I can avoid to deploy ?)



Per Kare Foss