ICQ: Offline contact in General Group

Discussion created by wroot Champion on Mar 1, 2007
Latest reply on May 22, 2007 by tbmos

In the other thread i''ve said:


>a contact that''s offline is shown as offline (no presence icon near) in General group, though it should be in Offline group


Probably not the Spark issue. Because it happens after server restart (or just fresh start). If i start Spark after server''s fresh start i has that offline ICQ contact in General Group, if i relogin it dissapears. If i restart server with SPark running, after relogining there is no that offline contact in General group. But if i exit Spark prior to restarting server and then login there would be that offline contact in General Group. Only one and the same for couple of months. Isn''t that a wildfire-gateway issue? Maybe something messed up in db?