Running IM Gateway behind hideous enterprise firewalls and proxies

Discussion created by skaze on Feb 27, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2007 by jadestorm

Hi Wildfire folks,


We, the corporate faceless ones, do not allow our users to roam the internet visiting whatever ports they wish. Oh no, instead we shore them up behind an NTLM (M$) squid web proxy, so that the only way out is via port 80 (we have a SOCKS5 proxy too but lets ignore that for now).


Apache commons HttpClient supports NTLM auth but some of the apps that employ it dont expose the NTLM aspects in their configuration, Wildfire''s plugin manager for instance. To work around this we employ the rather lovely open source NTLMAPS proxy (see sourceforge) which happily tunnels all HTTP requests handling any authn/authz exchange with our NTLM proxy. All fine and dandy for us.


Here in corporate land, we also allow MSN Messenger Live to be used but it only works through the specification of an HTTP proxy (see Options->Connections->Advanced). So my question is:


Can the gateway plugin (and in fact all of Wildfire in general) support comms via proxies, and ideally NTLM based proxies?


Thanks for listening!