IM Gateway Plugin 1.0 Beta 8 Released!

Discussion created by jadestorm Champion on Feb 26, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2007 by jadestorm

Hi folk!  Something changed in the minimum client version requirements for MSN over the past couple of days and as a result, I am putting out a new version of the plugin to compensate.  That said, the new version accounts for quite a bit more than just the MSN fix.  There have been quite a few bug fixes and improvements that can be read about in the change log, but I wanted to touch on one in particular.  Before I get into that, you can, as always, download the new version of the plugin here.


The new feature I wanted to touch on is that SIP/SIMPLE support has been added, thanks to the work of Patrick Siu and Ravin Dimantha.  Now, I don''t have a lot (read: any) of experience with SIP/SIMPLE, so I haven''t had much luck testing out the support.  It''s one of those issues where I kind of "don''t understand" SIP/SIMPLE enough to know how to test it right.  I set up an openser server that has dev SIMPLE support but haven''t had a ton of luck, except for connecting to it from X-Lite 3.0 and Gaim 2.  Anyway, I''d like to ask folk who are familiar with SIP/SIMPLE to please give me whatever feedback you have: if it works, if there was something odd in it''s behavior, that sort of thing.  There are a few known issues with it.


Anyway, the next release of the plugin is likely going to be a 1.0 release candidate, and I hope to have it out over the next couple of weeks.  Also note that there were a couple of issues that I believe are taken care of but I could never reproduce in the first place so.. I''m relying on you all to tell me "this is still broken" if I closed the issue.  ;D


Thanks folk and enjoy!!