Having connection issues to connect to the Wildfire Server from Perl using

Discussion created by Andy1 on Feb 21, 2007

We are developing a Asterisk application  using a Wildfire Server to log the IM presence generated from users using a PSI  client. What we want to do is initiate a presence log record automatically from a Perl script using XMPP, with a cron job.


While testing, When we initialize the perl script and use the connection:


my($status) = $Connection->Connect(hostname=>$server,

    port=>$port, componentname => $componentname,  connectiontype => $connectiontype,  tls => $tls);


The script just hangs.


The hostname , $server , and  port, $port (and the other variables) are generated from a secure file that contains the values.

The values have been validated correct using a print error checking routine. So we know they are being passed.

We get no indication that the $status is being generated, the script hangs and we have to kill it.

(See below)


if (!(defined($status)))


     $errormsg  = ("$Script startIM_MessageProcess: ");

     $errormsg .= ("Jabber server is down or connection was not allowed.\n");

     $errormsg .= ("$server,$port,");

     $errormsg .= ("$componentname,$connectiontype,$tls\n");






     $errormsg  = ("$Script startIM_MessageProcess: ");

     $errormsg .= ("Logged in to $server:$port...\n");





What is hanging this script ???