Real phone is always busy when using dial number

Discussion created by jjj on Feb 20, 2007

Hi. Running Asterisk 1.2, Wildfire 3.0, and the latest Asterisk IM plugin and latest Spark/Coccinella. Both can''t establish a phone call. Here''s the debug log. There seems to be a lot of nulls. Using the default internal database so I''m unsure of the problem or why everything is null. Any help would be appreciated. Receiving phone calls are correct.


Username       Device       Extension       Caller ID

jimmy                 SIP/jimmy534 205                 jimmy

mike                 SIP/mike088       209                  mike


2007.02.20 15:19:42 Set special presence for jimmy:


2007.02.20 15:19:42 Asterisk-IM HangupTask called for user PhoneUser{id=1, username=''jimmy''}

2007.02.20 15:19:42 Asterisk-IM HangupTask: User jimmy has 2 call sessions, not restoring presence. Destroying CallSession{id=1172013338.43, channel=SIP/jimmy534-081b00a8}

2007.02.20 15:19:42 Asterisk-IM HangupTask: Remaining CallSession CallSession{id=''1172012624.38'', channel=''null'', linkedChannel=''null'', callerID=''null'', forwardedExtension=''null'', forwardedJID=null, dialedJID=null, username=''jimmy'', isMonitored=false}



Coccinella errors if they help


can''t read "callID": no such variable

can''t read "callID": no such variable

    while executing

"::hooks::run jivePhoneEvent $command $dnid $callID"

    ("eval" body line 1)

    invoked from within

"eval {::hooks::run jivePhoneEvent $command $dnid $callID}"

    (procedure "::JivePhone::OnDial" line 35)

    invoked from within

"::JivePhone::OnDial .dial DIAL"

    invoked from within

".dial.f.f.b.dial invoke "

    invoked from within

".dial.f.f.b.dial instate {pressed !disabled} { .dial.f.f.b.dial state !pressed; .dial.f.f.b.dial invoke } "

    (command bound to event)