Newbie - where do I start?

Discussion created by oweny29 on Feb 14, 2007
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Hi, I''m a developer who wants to try writing some baic plugins for Spark.


For starters I would like to create a simple button on the Spark menu which, when clicked, says "hello world".  (not an IM message, just an alert box!).  Sounds easy, yeah?  The trouble is, I know nothing about Java, I don''t know the process of writing a Spark plugin, where the source code is, or even should I be trying to look at the source code at all?


I am new to Java but experienced in VB, VB.Net, Javascript among other things.   In other words, I am new to this, but I am a programmer so I''m not afraid of learning.  I''m a Windows XP Pro user.  I have downloaded JDK with NetBeans.  It seems a bit like Visual Studio (which I''m used to) and I reckon I could handle it after a bit of practice.  Can I use JDK/NetBeans to write my Spark plugins?


This probably sounds very dumb to you experts.  Sorry about that.  I just need pointing in the right direction pelase. 


Where do I start?





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