Couple of issues

Discussion created by ciscoswitch on Feb 12, 2007



I''ve got Wildfire 3.2.0 running with Asterisk IM 1.2.2.  One of the problems I have is we have mutiple phones setup for users on the system.  Each user may have 2-3 phones, usually a Cisco 7940, and a Softphone run on their laptop.  However, since I''m not running a SIP router, I got this all to work by making multiple logins for each users phone.  Then in asterisk I have it set to ring all their phones, IE:  exten -> 3001,2,Dial(SIP/jimbob&SIP/jimbob1&SIP/jimbob2,20)   But when you setup the phone mappings in wildfire, it will not take the SIP/user&SIP/user1  format, I''m wondering if there is a way to achieve this?


Also I''ve noticed when you dial a user and it rings your phone first, my phone is only ringing once, and if you don''t pick up within that time, it drops the call.  Is there a way to increase the ring time?  I''ve noticed that there is a Dial Command Variables line to configure, but I don''t know the format or what can be put in there, and I''ve not found any documentation on it.  I''d imagine this is where that setting could be set.  Any information on the Dial Command Variables would be appreciated.