"No Servers Configured" - why!? (wf 3.1.1, plugin 1.2.0beta2)

Discussion created by CryoGenID on Jan 28, 2007
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I am really happy with WildFire and its features... simply WOW


But now I am trying to use this plugin to connect to my Asterisk and have the following problem:

When I add a new server, I enter all data and the plugin sais, Server saved OK, I can also see

on my asterisk that a connection from the manager comes in and is accepted.

BUT the server isn''t saved...

After saving a new server, I get the green "Server saved" information but the list of servers

is always empty.

I already tried to restart Wildfire and everything, but it didn''t work...

Still I get "No Servers Configured" ...


What can I do?


I thought well if it works anyway I''ll just ignore it, but when I click on "Phone Mappings", nothing happens,

the screen of "General Settings" stays there. So the "No Servers Configured" obviously has an impact


Could anybody help me?


That would be perfect


Thanks a lot in advance!


Best regards,