[Suggestion] Improve tab flexibility

Discussion created by miguy2k on Jan 24, 2007

OK so here are my suggestions about tab flexibility:


The whole tabbing mechanism should be more configurable... here are a bunch of options I''d imagine would be much appreciated by users:


Enable tabbing

- yes/no

(choosing no would open every chat in it''s own window)


Anchor tabs

- at the top of the chat window

- at the bottom of the chat window

- (eventually options for left and right side of the chat window, but let''s not exaggerate for now )


Auto-Group tabs in windows (This one would open chats in multiple windows, but automatically group chats according to the following selectable properties)

- Do not autogroup (All chats go in the same window or in seperate windows according to the state of the "Enable tabbing" setting).

- Group by transport (You''d have one chat window for jabber contacts, one for msn contacts, one for icq contacts etc.)

- Group by roaster contact group (All contacts of a specific contact group in the roaster go in the same chat window)

(Don''t have further ideas for autogrouping chats right now )


Group MUC''s and Conferences in a dedicated window

- yes/no

(Would prevent groupchats/MUC''s/Conferences from being put together with normal one-on-one chats).


Display tab bar even if there is only one tab in a window

- yes/no

(Selecting no would hide the tab bar if there is only one tab in the chat window. As soon as a second chat comes into the same window, the tab bar appears.)



... in general, it would be a very nice feature if one could drag and drop a tab into another window (to add it to the tabs in that window), or drop it outside any window to create a new one containing only the dropped chat... (I know this is probably not as easy to implement, though )


That would be all for now... I hope there''s some useful and doable stuff in there





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