A bunch of improvement suggestions... where should they go?

Discussion created by miguy2k on Jan 24, 2007
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Hello everyone,


I''m pretty new to the Spark community, but I''ve been buzzing around jabber for quite some time now... In fact, I installed Wildfire on our linux server two days ago (former running ejabberd) and switched from PSI to SPark just yesterday...


As a Java developer myself, I was really excited about moving to a java-based Jabber infrastructure, and yess these projects are GREAT!!


So I''d like to contribute to the community by (at least) making some suggestions for a bunch of improvements (covering allmost everything from Wildfire to Gateways and Spark). I wanted to start with Spark


Jira tells to post issue sin the forums, but doesn''t tell exactly where... Should a make one single thread per suggestion? (putting everything in one single thread would probably mix things up...) Or is there any other place I can let echo my suggestions?


Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!