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Red5 Plugin for Wildfire

Discussion created by Dele Olajide Champion on Jan 4, 2007
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This post is to annouce that the first beta of the Red5 Plugin for Wildfire is available at


What is Red5


Red5 is an open source media streaming server for Flash media (audio and video). Visit Red5 homepage for more details.


Why should I be interested in Red5


If you are a Wildfire user/administrator and you use Pandion as your XMPP client, then I have included a plugin that lets you exchange video during a a chat session. I am working on a multi-user plugin for conferences.


If you are a Spark user, then I am looking forward to developing a Spark plugin to do the same thing as well as using introducing "video presence" a video stream replacement for a picture avatar.


If you are an XMPP client developer, then please download it and get into Red5. Post your ideas on "video presence" and how we can extend XMPP with video and audio streaming. Contact me if you need assistance with embedding flash into your client applications.


What is the roadmap for ths plugin


The plugin is tied to the Red5 development roadmap from the current version Beta6 and beyond to production. A new version will be released when the Red5 team release a new version. In addition to that, I will be pushing to get "Video Presence" adopted as an XMPP standard and developing the plugin to that standard. I shall also be adding new features based on ideas from members of this this community.