Asterisk-im(1.2.0beta2) release date?

Discussion created by nathanminor on Dec 20, 2006

I am having a lot of presence issues with Asterisk-IM 1.1.1 where calls do not appear to have ended. I see that is fixed in Asterisk-im(1.2.0beta2) but I don''t see any release information for it. I am currently using LDAP auth and the embedded DB on Linux and despite some effort on my part I have not been able to get the beta running in my environment (I imagine I am not doing the embedded-db stuff correctly as I saw it on another post and it was describing the windows process.


Anyway, it looks like some serious stuff is planned for 1.2.0 and I wondering if we might be looking at some intermittent updates to 1.1.1 to fix bugs or if we are just waiting for 1.2.0? or is the scope of 1.2.0 so broad that it''s going to delay the release a while? If this is the case can anyone post information on how to access the embedded-db in linux so that I can maybe manually hit the entries required to make the beta work?