REQ: BetaTesters for Localization Plugin (Spark with Plazes.com)

Discussion created by zoernert on Dec 17, 2006
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Dear all,


currently I am working on a plugin for Spark (2.0.7+) together with Plazes (a location based service, that is able to match your current network connection to a specific location). Unfortunatly I only have limited resources in terms of test an qa equipment.


So, if someone wants to test the plugin please download it from http://www.cyber-junk.de/ws/plazes/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=21&id=68&art lang=en .


If you do not have a plazes.com account feel free to contact me - and I will forward you an invitation.


Currently the plugin is in a POC stage. So it should just demonstrate that it could work - The coding is horrible - and it is actualy just a reuse of JWSPlazer. This leads to the limitation. It is expected to work on either Windows or Linux.


With the plugin you are able to:

- Make your presence available  (Showing others where you are - AKA: WHEREAMI)

- Place a TODO - like: "as soon as I am at home feed cat" - that gets displayed as soon as you connect at home.

- ...


Dear Jive: This is the only resource I see to get in touch with SparkDevs - So please do not remove this thread.


BTW: Every Feedback is Welcome!


Thanks & Regards,