Beta plugin issues

Discussion created by rasker on Nov 25, 2006

First off thanks for a great piece of software. Got everything working from the get go.


I installed the 1.1.1 plugin and had the issue of the device page being blank. Call Manager access was ok.


Looked around the forum for a bit and couldn''t find anything to fix this. I came across some discussion of the beta version. This I installed, deleted the mysql tables and re-created them ok. It seems to work ok now. I have been able to create the device association and the server.


The issue I am experiencing now is thet the plugin shuts itself down after about a minute when you go into the admin pages. It''s a little weird. I have switched on debug in the logs but it just says it is shutting down, extracting and starting over and over again.


I am runing on Centos 4.4 (so redhat), asterisk 1.2.13 + svn,  mysql 4.