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Discussion created by lfavaro on Nov 13, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2007 by swpalmer

We have successfully implemented Wildfire + Spark throughout our company (200 users).

Everything is good and we like this product except for one issue which is really bothering most of our users.


When the users physically disconnect the laptop from the network (WiFi, VPN, Ethernet etc) Spark will disconnect showing a window that says "Your connection was closed due to an error" and it will not automatically re-login when the laptop is back on the network.

It is not obvious to the user the he/she is disconnected (tray icon is always the same) and the user may endup being disconnected for hours until he realize it and clicks the "reconnect" button.


Spark version is 2.0.4 and we have "auto login" enabled.

Ideally Spark should work like Trillian or Skype client that they always reconnect if the network is up.


Is there any workaround on this issue? If not I would definitely like to add it to the list of improvements.