Yahoo Messenger now seeing MSN (hotmail for me) account

Discussion created by wmhtet on Oct 23, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2006 by jadestorm

I have heard the collaboration between Y! and MSN before. However I have never able to communicate between my Y! and MSN account. Now all of a sudden, my hotmail account added to my Y! messenger before (while I was doing the testing based on the collaboration news and it never worked) show up online (I have my hotmail account running via Psi10 WF3.1 IMGb4). I have never asked other to see if they have tested IM between Y! and MSN before and if it works. Anyway I will test IM communication between Y! and MSN tomorrow, I believe that this is a good sign for jabber community as they won''t be changing their protocol very often thus if there ever were a change, Jabber gateway community will have more time to go along with the change. Now even without much changing, I am seeing my hotmail account on Psi 10 IMGb4 WF3.1 from Y! messenger.