Feature Idea: download spark plugins from wildfire server

Discussion created by jaschroe on Oct 19, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2006 by npalmer

I think it would be pretty neat if Jive combined  XEP-0030  (Service Discovery) or maybe XEP-0050 (Ad-Hoc Commands) with XEP-0096 (File Transfer) to discover plugins and download the JARs directly from Wildfire.

This could be implemented as a Wildfire Plugin and component. It would be a great way for a Wildfire admin to deploy or push new plugins or new plugin versions to all the users, or on a group-by-group basis. For example, deploy the FastPath plugin to the Sales/Support team, but not the Engineering team, etc.


I think the time is ripe for many XEP mashups. The open plugin model for Wildfire and Spark will provide a platform for creativity and growth. Keep up the good work!