Starting with Asterisk-IM... I need some Help

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Hi Everybody !!!


Im trying to use Asterisk-IM with my Wildfire server but Im having some problems, first at all here is the information about my servers and versions,


OS: Fedora Core 5

Wildfire: 3.10.0 Beta 2

Asterisk-IM plugin: version 1.2.0 Beta 2

Asterisk Server:


Wildfire is working fine in my LAN using spark as client, I''ve start asterisk using:


"bash> asterisk start"


and then i use:


"bash> asterisk -r"


to connect to the server, everything seems to be fine at this point, then reading some post at the forum y edited my asterisk''s manager.conf file to allow the connection of wildfire to asterisk like this:




enabled = yes

port = 5038

bindaddr =

displayconnects = yes



secret = my_password





read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user

write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,use


And  disconnect from asterisk and restart the service. After this, I try to register my asterisk server in the asterisk-IM control panel like this:


Server Name: localhost

Server Address: 10.x.x.x   (the same that is in the managers.conf)

port: 5038

username: my_username

password: my_password


so when i click on "create server" button, wildfire shows me a message like "server created sucesfully" but it doesn''t appears in the list of registred servers. What im doing wrong?, there is something that im not doing?.. I''ve  even disabled the firewall and SElinux  but still not working.


Can you helpme please


Greeting from Mexico !!!


By the way.. sorry about my English


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