Domain Question about Asterisk-IM

Discussion created by jlohn on Sep 25, 2006

Hello All!


I use Wildfire 3.01 and Asterisk IM 1.1.1, the patched version.


We use a domain called example.org

The wildfire server is wildfire.example.org, but the server conf is only example.org to keep it simpler.

All the users connect using their email address like johndoe@example.org instead johndoe@wildfire.example.org.

I changed the things in DNS, adding the SRV records to jabber.tcp.example.org, xmpp-server.tcp.example.org and xmpp-client.tcp.example.org.

Everything looks fine, because I can connect without having to manually sets the server and can send and receives messages from athers servers.


But, I cannot see the call button in spark.

If i change server name in Wildfire > Server > Edit Properties > Server Name to wildfire.example.org and in the spark client to johndoe@wildfire.example.org i can see it.


There is another configuration to change in DNS?

or do i need to redirect any other port from the server that answer in example.org?



Josemar Lohn