Company IM Practices

Discussion created by lschaef on Sep 22, 2006
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We are a small company and are planning to start having our employees use IM in the office as another way of communicating.


I found Wildfire / Spark and got an internal system up running quickly and easily!


Before we introduce this to all the employees, I''m doing some research "Do and Don''t"  tips when using IM inside a company and would love to hear ideas if anyone has any?


Here are some ideas I''ve found online that I like:


1. Load the client when you?re online and working. Collaborative software doesn?t work if everyone doesn?t use it.


2. Use the Status features of your client: Available, Busy, In a Meeting, On the Phone, etc.


3. If ?available,? reply promptly (recommend 2-10 minutes, depending on your business).


4. It?s okay to say ?I?ll reply later? or ?Sorry, not now.?


5. If you leave a message, and someone becomes ?busy? without responding, and you get your question answered, reply ?never mind?


6. If you have more than a simple request (?is the document you sent final??), ?knock? by saying ?got a minute?? or something similar.


7. Don?t use IM to replace email. If you need to include more than a line of text, use email.


8. Don?t use email to replace IM. If it?s a quick question (?ready for lunch??), don?t clog up their Inbox.


9. Don?t be too chatty. If a conversation is taking more than a few responses back and forth, pick up the phone.


10. Don?t be afraid to end the conversation if you got your answer. ?Instant? messaging should be quick in and quick out.


11. It?s good to end the conversation with ?bye? or ?cya? or whatever you choose.