Memory Footprint is insane

Discussion created by Des on Sep 8, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2006 by Matt Tucker

My company just adopted Spark - but with a memory footprint of 45 meg it''s larger than most business applications we run!   Sheesh - Photoshop only takes 58 meg.  It''s making people uninstall it as fast as people install it.   It''s a nice clean interface - but at 45 meg it''s really not viable for it''s value to the company (unless our company was all about employees chatting to one another).    One manager said - "just run it when you want to chat."   Duh!  If everyone did that then no one will ever be on-line but the lone person who needs to chat!    So should we call each other on the phone to say we want to chat?   Arghhhh!

What gives - how can this be taken seriously?