Matt Tucker

A new website for Wildfire and Spark

Discussion created by Matt Tucker Champion on Jul 28, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2006 by Ryan Graham

Hey all,


I wanted to start to share our plans with all of you for a new website for Wildfire and Spark. Why a new site?


  • The difference between and has always been confusing. "Jive Software" means the company and a different URL is where the Spark and Wildfire communities should live. We don''t know what the new name is going to be yet, but we''ve been playing with a bunch of ideas.


  • We want to add more tools and content to the site. A wiki, blogs, more articles, etc. We also want to make it a lot easier for sub-communities to form. For example, places for translators or plugin developers to gather.


  • Wildfire and Spark both have the goal of being the leading open protocol, Open Source alternative to proprietary EIM. That''s going to require a kick-ass site and community.


We''d love your help brainstorming ideas for the site. What other Open Source communities do you think do a great job? What tools should the site have? Any name ideas?


We''re starting some initial design ideas and will share them over the coming weeks. I''m excited to see how this will turn out! Also, rest assured that the transition to the new site will only be made slowly and after we get tons of feedback from everyone.