Discussion created by johnbdegner on Jul 26, 2006
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Good Afternoon All,


I have been setting up my development environment and looking through documentation and source code in order to build my first SparkPlug.  When I checked out the spark project from the SVN repository, I get a file (file:///C:/spark/documentation/sparkplug_dev_guide.html) that is very helpful and well written.  Being new to this project I am interested in learning the infrastructure of building and deploying so that I can get some plugz written and tested.  I''m extremely excited to have the opportunity to be involved in this vibrant community of competent engineers that share my open-source enthusiasm.


Unfortunately, a few files are missing and I was wondering if the links have changed, or if these files are no longer available.  Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated and will allow me to focus my time on development more rapidly.


The files in question are (note: C:\spark is my sandbox):

1) file:///C:/spark/documentation/builder/how-to-build.txt

2) file:///C:/spark/documentation/examples.jar



Other links are dead as well, but I think that once I get the infrastructure ironed out, I will be running along smoothly.  Actually, the most important file is the how-to-build.txt.  I could probably get along alright without the other two, but they would certainly speed me up.


I''m excited to be involved with such a compelling project.  Great work to all that have made this happen!!