cannot call using spark

Discussion created by zaldy on May 9, 2006
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first question.... of me..


i have linux with following config

1. asterisk@home 2.8

2. wildfire 2.6.2

3. asterisk-im


I already set the configuration in the asterisk set. extenstion 100 and 200

in the wilfire i set username A and B

in the asterisk-im i set phone mappings

A SIP/100  100 A    

B SIP/200  200 B


SIP/100 and SIP/200 can be shoose with pull down menu.


now in the client i used spark 1.1.4. i can login, chat but i can''t call  user B or user A from the opposite. using actions or right click on the name. and i dont even see

the little phone icons beside username A or B in the spark.


what should i do



Best Regards