A-IM architecture decisions... (Question for Andrew)

Discussion created by trumpetinc on Apr 14, 2006
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I had a thought about the current A-IM architecture.  It seems that one issue that the system is having right now is keeping the server, asterisk and client all in sync with each other.  Currently, the server itself is taking care of overriding the user status when the user is on or off a call, and there is a lot book keeping associated with that.


I was wondering if an alternative approach may prove to be more straight forward, and wanted to run it past you to see if I''m on base:


What if the server was responsible only for sending state notification messages to spark, and spark was responsible for changing the user''s status in response to those notification messages?  It seems that this would give the user more control over things (and would at least give the user an ''out'' if the event mechanism fails to detect a hangup event).  I guess this might have some negative implications if you had a user using a non-spark client, though...


Is that the reason for the current architecture?




- K


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