Preventing the InvitationDialog from showing ...

Discussion created by dsnopek on Apr 14, 2006

I am packing a bunch of meta-data in special MUC invititions.  I am capable of intercepting the invitations and checking for the meta-data correctly, by registering an InvitationListener with the MultiUserChat object (Smack API stuff).


However, when my meta-data is present, I don''t want the InvitationDialog to be shown.  I intend to provide my own dialog and initiate the chat myself.  There are two main reasons for doing this: (1) I want the invitation to be accepted automatically, and (2) to pack the meta-data inside the chat window, so that user can see it while chatting.


So, is there a way to prevent the InvitationDialog from being shown?  I imagine that somewhere it registers its own InvitationListener.  Is there a way I can locate this object to un-register it?


Thank you,

David Snopek.