Unable to succesfully dial

Discussion created by trumpetinc on Apr 7, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2006 by andrew

I''m running Asterisk 1.2.5, Wildfire 2.6.0 from the 4/7/06 nightly build and the latest asterisk-im from SVN.  Smack is ver 2.1.0.


When we try to perform a dial from the spark GUI (in this case, extension 1004, but all attempte to dial fail), a dialog appears that says ''Calling 1004'', and it just hangs.


I checked the Smack debug window, and the outbound message for the dial event is:





So something is definitely going wrong (Spark really should put up an error message here, but that''s a small detail).


We are connecting to the Asterisk server itself (had to use IP address, and not host name) - the connection log messages appear in the logs and I can see our phone extensions in the plugin configuration web page.


Further, if I receive a call, Spark does put up the popup with ''incoming call'', and counts the duration of the call - so asterisk events are being received.  It just seems like the dial command is failing.


The context should be set properly (it is a context that allows internal calls) - is it possible that something needs to be set in the dial command variables?


Thanks in advance for any help,


- K