Notify one event when you (dis)concets to asterisk server

Discussion created by izan on Mar 28, 2006
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Firsy of all, excuses for my bad english.

I am using spark with asterisk-im pluging in wildfire (the last versions).

I want that Spark (or any another jabber client) advise me when somebody conects or disconects to asterisk server with his softphone.

In Spark, for example it only advise you when you are conected to spark and when somebody is calling (with one phone icon)...but not when somebody conects - disconects to the asterisk server with his softphone..you dont now if  one contact is conected to asterisk!

I think this function is very important because somebody could have his spark on and his softphone off...it appears in green in Spark, but you dont now that you cant call him.

Can i put a new notification to this event? maybe put it in another colour (in blue)

Nobody thougth in this function (how skype does)?

Thank you


I dont now if i explained well...excuses my bad english again.

PD: Good work with this plugin. Thanks for your work


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