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Discussion created by LG Champion on Mar 28, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2006 by utropicmedia

"sachin38" did ask me, I did talk with some guys about an audio and video SparkPlug.

There are some more guys around which look for audio and or video support, so I may post my statement here.

There are three main technologies available:




Uses a lot of c++ and c projects

Supports: audio-only

Protocol: ?

Available: Windows

Planned: Linux and Mac OSX

Not planned: Solaris

Status: A windows client is available.


Java Media Framework JMF[/b]


Supports: audio and video

Protocol: RTSP

Available: Windows, Linux, Solaris (as JMF installer)

Not planned: Mac OS

Status: not tested, there is no SparkPlug available


Windows Media Encoder/Player[/b]


Supports: audio and video

Protocol: ??

Available: Windows-only

Status: tested, there is no SparkPlug available

Audio delay is about 3 seconds in every direction, video delay is about 10 seconds. So it''s good for audio/video streaming or presentations but not for p2p communications.

To limit access to the encoder one must access the registry.

The Windows Media Encoder must be installed manually, the Player should be already available.



proxy or NAT support[/b]

I''m not interested in proxy or NAT support, LAN usage should be fine.


However the client may have a configuration file which stores a DNS name which resolves to its external IP address. Or the client checks it using a public "which is my IP service". This is fine for home usage but not for a company.

Maybe a VPN for each client or a special proxy are possible to solve this issue.