Asterisk 1.2 and Asterisk-IM

Discussion created by andrew on Feb 16, 2006
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Hi all,


I am starting this thread to see if anyone else is currently using Asterisk-IM against Asterisk 1.2. I orginally wrote Asterisk-IM against version 1.0.x, which seems to work great minus a couple of presence issues.


There seems to be some issues with Asterisk-1.2 and the orginate manager command (Dialing). I will attempt to resolve this issues early next month (after forums 5.0 development ends).


I just recently upgraded our PBX Asterisk 1.2, it seems that presence still works correctly for the most part, but dialing is now broken. Is this the same experience everyone else is having?? If anyone has debug information (logs, asterisk manager output) it would be great help in resolving some of these issues, since I haven''t had time to delve into them yet.


For people seriously needing Asterisk-IM dialing functionality to work, I recommend the following setup.

- Asterisk 1.0.x

- Redhat 9.0 (works best with 1.0.x)

- Spark 1.1.0

- Wildfire 2.5.0


Sorry for any inconvience, and the slow progress at getting a new release of Asterisk-IM. I should have the chance to take care of the current issues in jira, and perhaps add a few new features in the next few weeks.


Cheers and Best Wishes,



P.S. Thanks all of you that have been helping resolve issues in this forum, the effort is very much appreciated.