when I make a call, the spark disconnects

Discussion created by lkasneci on Feb 13, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2006 by andrew

I''ve installed the *@home and wildfire on the same CentOS (linux) machine. I have istalled spark client and eyebeam sophtphone in two PC''s. Spark and Eyebeam are working perfect separetelly. But when I try to make a call within spark, spark disconnects on both client machines with an error. Another problem that I see, is that on the PC when I generate a call, on the eyebeam softphone shows up "incoming call" from the phone number of the same machine. For example when I call from the phone 500 to the phone 502, on the pc where is installed the phone number 500 shows: Incoming call on 1: 500@"ip of asterisk". This message must be shown at the called phone, not in the calling phone.

Coul you help??