Keywords in Chat Room Plugin - First Version Finished

Discussion created by tim.chandler on Feb 10, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2006 by ddman

Hi All,


I have finished a plugin that allows you to put keywords in preferences.  When these keywords are said in a chat room, you can be notified through a toaster pop-up, flashing the chat room, or both.  To set the keywords and preferences, go to Preferences, SparkWords.  The keywords are put in the bottom field seperated by a comma and no space between the words.  This will get better for the next version.  Also, the preferences are pulled from the text file everytime it needs to check keywords, since I haven''t figured out the static preferences thing.  It should work well, though!


Anyway, I want to upload this here but don''t have permission.  Please tell me how I can get "SparkWords" here.