disabling broadcasts to groups

Discussion created by fooksie on Jan 15, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2016 by Michael

does anyone know of a way to disable users abilities to send broadcast messages to groups they are members of?


a colleague and I are doing a test of a wildfire/spark implementation.  our test subjects are a group of geeks who are sitting around the office too much and getting bored and who are starting to realize that they can spam by sending broadcast messages to everyone in their groups.  hours of fun, or so I am told.


if we go with a larger scale implementation (circa 150+ users) and levels of boredom persist in our organization, this could suddenly become really aggravating.  you''d think people would exercise some self restraint, but I''ve yet to see evidence of this.


so, I want to turn this feature/curse off.  any clues?  I''ve tried by removing the broadcast plugin from wildfire, but it doesn''t seem to do very much for me, and in hindsight may have been a foolish thing to do.