No ''Dial'' button ...

Discussion created by PJames1 on Jan 11, 2006
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Can''t seem to get a ''Dial'' button in my Spark slient.


- Asterisk@Home  latest version.

- Wildfire loaded on same server as Asterisk, latest version.

- Spark on a Windows XP workstation, latest Spark version.

- Asterisk-IM plugin, latest version.


WildFire starts and runs fine, and it sees the Asterisk-IM plugin. It also sees my SIP channels fine. Spark starts and runs fine, and has all the IM functions, but no ''Dial'' button.


It seems that although each program is running, Asterisk-IM is not talking with Asterisk.


Three questions:

- Is there a way to verify the connection between AsteriskIM and the Asterisk server ?

- Can there be a problem with having both Asterisk and Wildfire on the same server ?

- I''m using an IP address in Spark. I tried the FQDN for the server but it never connected. Spark connects using the IP address, but can this be a problem ?


Many thanks !


P James