Mulitlpe phone registrations mixing up

Discussion created by dakota on Jan 5, 2006



Successfully installed latest Wildfire and Asterisk IM. Works great so far.


We have multiple line phones each with their own sip reg to our asterisk server.


Adding multiple devices for an individual user works fine for most actions. Except that the status of the call and the pop up windows go wrong occasionally.


The problem occurs in the following situation.


I am on the phone line 1 and a call comes in to line 2. The line 2 call is also ringing other phones and someone else answers it.


The pop up stays up saying ''your phone is ringing'' even after I have finished my line 1 call.


We are doing some more tests with call pickup and transfer as one of these actions seems to mess up the ''on the phone'' status for a user.


Hope this helps. Any tests you want me to do just ask.


All the best




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