unable to request channel of asterisk

Discussion created by feerdo on Dec 27, 2005
Latest reply on May 30, 2006 by andrew

I have just got the Asterisk and Wildfire working correctly, and the Asterisk-IM plugin can connect to Asterisk Manager successfully. Then i added 2 Phone Mapping entries:


Username  |    Device     |  Extension  |  Caller ID

    user1     |  SIP/user1  |     2000       |   user1

    user2     |  SIP/user2  |     2001       |   user2


When i try to place a call to user2 as user1@mycompany.com in Spark, an error message issued on Asterisk CLI console as below, then neither the caller nor the callee rung:


Destroying Call ''6194936501e1023803cfcac0093f06c@''

Dec 26 22:50:24 NOTICE[30725]: channel.c:2424 __ast_request_and_dial: unable to request channel SIP/user1


In Smack debug window there are two packets:




Could anyone give me some ideas? Thanks in advance.