use phone client debugger

Discussion created by poymeaw on Dec 25, 2005

I connet to jive server with phone client debugger :

server: iwing1

username: poy

password: poy

Then click connect. It show smack debug window.

I put "poy1" in input and i click call. it should call to "poy1", right.

so i open other softphone that login to server iwing with username "poy1"

but when i call from phone client debugger, it doesn''t call to "poy1" as my expect.

In smack debug window, it show



In "to" field, should it be poy1@iwing/Smack? 

if I misunderstand, please correct me.


I want to use this library to create phone client that bulid-in jabber client.

If all you guys can help, please help