How to implement phone using asterisk-im?

Discussion created by poymeaw on Dec 15, 2005

I want to implement asterisk-im for create phone that build in jabber client(buddyspace) then I writed this code:

conn = new XMPPConnection("server");


               client = new PhoneClient(conn);

               client.addEventListener(new BasePhoneEventListener() {


//                     Override the handleRing event to see when we are receiving a call

                    public void handleRing(RingEvent event) {

                         System.out.println("receiving a call from "+ event.getCallerID());

                    //log.info("receiving a call from " + event.getCallerID());






I did not understand why when I dialByextension("poy1") but it call to "poy".

It seems that it call to user that login. It''s always play congraturation ....

But when I use softphone call to softphone, it worked correctly.

Or I edited configure file incorrectly.

And I do not know how to write code to answer a call.

Could you please give me some example that implement phone client.

Please help