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Discussion created by scratchrf on Dec 6, 2005
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Not sure if I should have just replied to this thread:


Currently running Asterisk-IM 1.0, and Jive Messenger 2.3.  My asterisk version is 1.0.


My problem is exactly the same - I cannot get phone mappings to work with IAX devices.  A couple things to note:


  • I have called my IAX devices IAX2/xxx in both Asterisk-IM and extensions.conf (versus IAX/xxx without the "2")

  • SIP devices/extensions work perfectly with my Asterisk-IM mappings

  • There are NO IAX devices included in the "Phone" dropdown list in the Phone Mappings area, only SIP devices are listed


If I''m logged in to Jive, and fire up my IAX client (i''ve tested on several - Firefly, IDEFISK, etc. with the same results) the only Jive Log that shows anything is the Debug, it shows the following:


2005.12.06 15:44:17 Asterisk-IM: Processing NewState:UP event channel : IAX2/24@24/3 id: 1133916269.12

2005.12.06 15:44:17 Asterisk-IM OnPhoneTask: Could not find device/jid mapping for device IAX2/24@24/3 returning

2005.12.06 15:44:22 Asterisk-IM: Processing HangupEvent channel : IAX2/24@24/3 id: 1133916269.12


Please note, I do not understand the "@24/3" part.  Shouldn''t it at least be "" ?


Any help would be appreciated.