CallerID in blank

Discussion created by antoniofcano on Dec 1, 2005
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Hello all,


I''m helping with Coccinella support for Asterisk-IM.


The Presence seems to work, and now we are trying call notification. Making some debugs I can see that Asterisk-IM doesn''t get the CallerID, just the Coccinella receives this messages


phone-event {device SIP/10101 callID 1133444197.24 type RING xmlns} 0 {} {{callerID {} 0 10101 {}}}


In this scenario there is one Asterisk user (10102) that calls to 10101 the Coccinella one. I don''t know why the callerID is null??. The phone gets right callerID.


I played with setting into CallerID option of the Asterisk-IM phone mapping, and into the Asterisk Dialplan (SetCIDName and SetCIDNum). Anyway the result is the same.... a ''Blank CallerID''.


Someone has any idea of what can be happing? Any suggestion is welcome, I don''t know where to go now